What is Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)?

What is depression?:

Depression is the state of mind that negatively affects the mood and overall individual’s personality negatively. Treating depression and other mental health disorders is vital because it impacts the general behavior, decision-making capacity, and other aspects of an individual’s life.

Depression treatment:

Many depression patients seek professional treatment from mental health experts. The experts implement different techniques and ensure a stable mindset. On the other hand, some experts also offer specialized treatments that affect the brain. These are technologically enhanced treatments and are often recommended to individuals who suffer from severe depression.

Electroconvulsive Therapy:

Individuals suffering from severe mental health issues are recommended ECT, i,e, Electroconvulsive Therapy. The general feature of ECT is that it is given to patients who have not responded to other treatments or are suffering from bipolar mental health issues.

Understanding ECT:

ECT is suggested for severe depression and bipolar patients. Typically, the therapy involves a slight electrical stimulation. The stimulation is done after giving anesthesia to the patient. Furthermore, not every mental healthcare is permitted to conduct ECT on their patients. Therefore, it is conducted by a team of certified experts. Generally, the team consists of a professional psychiatrist, nurse, physician, and anesthesiologist. Read real max healthcare review and make decisions for critical care related to ECT treatment.

Implementing ECT:

Electroconvulsive Therapy is used to treat serious mental health disorders. These are some of the mental health issues that are effectively treated by applying ECT:

  • Several mental healthcare professionals widely implement ECT for treating impulsive behavior.
  • Serious depression is effectively treated through ECT.
  • Individuals suffering from bipolar mental health issues also undergo ECT.
  • ECT ideally treats other critical mental health disorders like schizophrenia, catatonia, and mania.
  • Some mental healthcare experts also recommend applying ECT while treating serious agitation issues.

Exceptions to ECT:

Electroconvulsive Therapy is beneficial to many people and generally applies to every individual. However, there are some exceptions to the implementation. Following are the individuals that are excluded from the implementation of electroconvulsive therapy:

  • Pregnant ladies are primarily excluded from the application of ECT. The ECT application can adversely affect the fetus, and therefore it is suggested that pregnant ladies should not opt for ECT to treat depression.
  • Individuals who cannot withstand the effects of drugs are also excluded from ECT.
  • Some people cannot digest medicines as they are allergic to specific drugs. Therefore, people who cannot take prescribed drugs must also stay away from ECT.

Benefits of ECT:

Following are the benefits derived from applying ECT as a powerful method of treating depression:

  • Efficiently treats depression: ECT or Electroconvulsive Therapy is highly proven beneficial in treating massive depression. Individuals resistant to other mental health treatments are recommended to undergo ECT. Besides, such individuals have shown positive results and overcome depression effectively.
  • Multipurpose: Electroconvulsive Therapy is incredibly beneficial for treating other mental health issues. Mental problems like mania, catatonia, schizophrenia and others are also effectively treated through ECT.
  • Rapid treatment: ECT is considered an immediate treatment for people who suffer from serious depression and often develop suicidal thoughts. Besides, it is also ideal for patients who have not responded to other medical treatments.

The Bottom Line:

Today, ECT is widely implemented by a certified and authorized medical healthcare team. It is implemented on depression patients who have shown zero response to other medical treatments. Therefore, in a nutshell, it is fitting to mention that ECT is a well-suited depression treatment. However, it must be noted that highly-skilled and knowledgeable doctors must take the therapy. It requires brain stimulation, and if taken from a non-certified mental healthcare individual, it may turn highly risky. Thus, look out for well-qualified clinical healthcare, get rid of depression, and live happily with effective ECT.