Facts On Earlobe Stretching Kit

By stretching your ears, you can increase the size of your earlobes. You can then wear amazing ear jewels, including flesh tunnels. Perforating ears has been a common practice throughout history. People used stone, wood, and other sharp-shaped material to help them stretch in the early times. The process is not always as straightforward as it seems. To ensure that your earlobes are not infected, you need to be careful. Firstly, when preparing for stretching, ensure that you use an excellent antibacterial soap without perfume to clean your earlobe. You should clean your earlobes before beginning any ear stretching. If you are seeking for additional info on earlobe stretching kit, check out the mentioned above website.

Additionally, you will need to prepare sensitive skin by using a lubricant like jojoba oils with great skin condition properties. When measuring your earlobes you have two options: the taper method and the teflon. The taper method involves inserting a tapered tube into the piercing. There are several types of tapers available in the market. You can choose any one depending on how large the gauge is you need. A second option is to wrap non-adhesive tape made of teflon around the pin of your ear jewels and push it through the earlobe. You should stop if you feel any bleeding or pain and wait for your ear to heal before you attempt to stretch again. You can damage your skin if you keep stretching your ears without allowing them to heal. If you are using a flesh tunnel, continue stretching your earlobes till the time the diameter reaches an appropriate size.

These are the basic after-care steps you should take. Stretch jewellery should be avoided until the new-sized hole is completely healed. It is crucial that your stretched skin is thicker than normal. It can take much longer than the time it took to heal your original tattoo. Don’t lose your patience. High-quality accessories made of reliable materials are recommended to protect your skin. It’s easy to make piercings stretch if the stretching is done correctly and you follow the steps. Yes, waiting can be difficult but if your ear isn’t ready for the next stretching, you will likely damage it. There are many tools you can use for ear stretching to make it easier. You can also find a wide range of quality ear jewellery and flesh tunnels on the market. Ear stretching is very popular these days. There are many options that you can choose from to create the image you desire. Ear jewellery is a way to stand out from others. We offer a large selection of stretchers, plugs, and tunnels so you can choose the best one for you.