A Little Bit About Glass Door Repair

Your sliding glass door might need to be repaired, as many homeowners do with older homes. This article will address the most common problems that older sliding doors experience and provide simple, low-cost maintenance tips. Many houses settle as they age and can become slightly out-of-square. This is normal due to changes in the soil surrounding your home’s foundation. Doors that don’t close or open well can happen when a house settles. If your sliding glass door no longer slides appropriately, you should inspect it to see if it has fallen out of the square. The top and bottom of your door should be examined. If the door is not in use, there may be a crack at the top and bottom. Adjusting the door’s rolling casters is the easiest way to fix an out-of square door. Two roller wheels are found under most sliding doors. They allow the door to move quickly on its tracks. Are you hunting about glass door repair near me? Go to the before described site.

You can adjust these wheels by looking for small holes in your lower frame. To turn the adjustment screws you can use a screwdriver. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can shimthe the door. This requires removing the trim around the door’s interior. After the moldings have been removed, you will see that the patio door frame has been installed and shimmed into place. You will also notice that the patio door frame is not perfectly square. You can loosen or remove the screws from the door frame. After that, you can re-square your door by trimming it as needed. Once your door frame has become square again, screw it back together and you will be ready to attach the trim molding. Re-squaring your door will not only make it operate more smoothly, but it will also make it more energy efficient, as this will eliminate small cracks that let in cold or hot air from outdoors. Old patio doors can also have problems with their handle and latch mechanisms.

Finding the right hardware is all it takes to replace a sliding door handle. Look online or in specialty catalogs if you cannot find the proper replacement handle at your local hardware store. To find the right replacement parts, you may need to take off the handle from your door. The most important areas to measure include door thickness, distance between holes drilled into the door, strike style in door jamb, and door width. You might also be able upgrade to a better security lock or handle by replacing worn out hardware. Keeping your sliding glass door in good condition is critical to maintaining your home. With essential preventative maintenance and occasional repair work, anyone can keep their sliding glass door in good condition for many years. Restoring a patio doors is cheaper than replacing them, so it makes perfect sense to preserve your door as long as you can.