Like so many late life painters I have taken time to reconnect with the passion of my youth...watercolor. I enjoy standing before that white paper, drawing, contemplating, making faces as I squint, stare and put an image on the paper that I hope I can do justice to when I swing my brushes filled with color - trying to balance design, color, and my style into an appealing representation of a local scene.

I paint local scenes with attitude! Some people say they are "WONKY." I'm told my paintings make the viewer happy. All I know is I paint with watercolor and I try to lay it down clean, crisp, with the whites intact so the painting will sparkle. I have won some awards and I have had the honor of doing several local festival posters. All I hope is that when people view my work it makes them feel good. Oh ya, and it would be good if it makes them want to take a painting home too!

"If I didn't start painting, I would have raised chickens." Grandma Moses