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The world is not flat. Therefore, finding the distance between two points is more than a matter of drawing a straight line. Still, it can be very helpful to have an idea of how many miles or kilometers exist between two points. In those cases, the use of a straight line distance calculator can be helpful. Instead of using a map, a ruler and the key that explains the scale of the map, you can simply input the two cities and find the direction to distance between cities. This greatly simplifies the process. A straight line distance calculator is a new phenomenon. Previously, someone who wanted to know how far it is between different cities, for example, would have to sit down with a world map. It would be necessary to find the distance between the two points on the map. Next, the individual would need to examine the scale for the map and determine what each unit of measurement equals i.e. one inch equals x amount of miles or one centimeter equals x amount of kilometers. Are you looking for age in future calculator? Check out the before described site.

Mathematical equations would be used, and the total distance would be calculated. The Internet has greatly simplified this process by providing access to a straight line distance calculator. These calculators have been made to provide the pertinent information in the format that is desired by each individual i.e. miles or kilometers. It can even provide sea miles for those who need that measurement for a particular project. The straight line distance between cities can be important information for various projects or factoring for trips. This information can be easily gathered simply by accessing a calculator created for the purpose. The straight line distance between cities is not helpful to those who are hoping to take a trip via car and want to know the real-time expectations of travel from one location to another. Still, even these individuals can gain something from the direction line distance.

It is a good piece of information to have if you need a general idea of how far apart two places are – i.e. if a move is planned for your future or if relatives like knowing how far away a family member is who lives in another city. A straight line distance calculator provides a general idea of the space between two cities or certain landmarks. It also allows the individual to find the measurement that applies to how the crow flies. This measurement can be helpful in various ways. That includes giving two individuals who bet on the distance between two locations a method to determine the winner of the bet, or an author an idea of how far away two characters are if they live in the two cities. The straight line distance between cities may not provide much practical benefit, but it can be a great piece of information to have for those who enjoy knowing tidbits of information with little to no practical value.